Stellar Wipe

Stellar Wipe 3.0

Stellar Wipe removes traces of any activity performed by you on your computer

It is a well-known fact that Windows saves statistics about all activities that are performed on your computer. It saves the Internet history, recently opened documents, temporary Internet files and others. Sometimes it is very important to delete any data and to be sure that it won’t be accessed by another person. In such situations Stellar Wipe can be really helpful. This application was developed for removing traces of any activity performed by you without any chance for recovery. The program can also erase data from already deleted files for preventing their recovery. Except deleting files and folders it can be used for removing whole drives for performing total removal of data on it. Impossibility of data recovery is ensured by great secure algorithms. Each available function of Stellar Wipe can be executed manually or automatically in the schedule mode. The application has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. It includes a detailed user guide where you can find all information about its features. The program perfectly suits for both simple home users and advanced professionals.

Ilya Barmenkov
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